What can I earn

What can you earn? One of the most significant advantages of Samba Sports Coaching business plan is that your earnings as a franchisee are in your hands and depend on your own efforts. We will provide you with winning business structure that brought us thousands of pounds for the last three years. If you follow our training strictly and commit to the cause, you will be able to maximize your potential and achieve great results.

You are in control of your business and your income

In today times, the only people who are confident in their financial future are those who hold their destiny in their own hands. For example, the franchisees that operate Samba Sports Coaching business and can enjoy the rewards of their efforts.

Our business plan has an established winning formula and huge growth potential. We are committed to providing a service that benefits our clients and the local community. Through our extended programmes of collaborations with schools and care home, we provide an option for additional revenue stream with vast potential.

Here and now you can access a business model, that will change your life and set you on the path of success. It is enjoyable and rewarding work that you can run from the comfort of your own house. Naturally, we will be with you right from the beginning and help you through the process. You can operate your franchise as a part-time extra job or a full-time business. Regardless of your choice, you still can earn significant income and become financially independent, provided you are ready to put your heart and soul into it.

Where your money will come from?

Samba Sports Coaching franchisee can generate an income up to ₤2000 per month working part-time and impressive five figures cash flow available for full-time franchisee just in year 1.

We developed a unique product that provides important physical education through music and sports to children from the earliest age. Throughout our years of experience, our business model has proven its success. Now we’d like to share it with like-minded individuals assisting them in achieving their own success.

As Samba Sports Coaching franchisee, your earning potential is significant. Your income will come upfront through first-time or repeat bookings on a variety of activities you will offer. With around 200 schools in every franchise area, you can achieve a lot. And don’t forget that apart from day to day programmes, such as Samba Tots, you can get additional earnings through Samba birthday parties, holiday camps and health and well-being workshops.

Building a loyal customer base will allow you to have a great control in of your finances. More importantly, knowing that a big part of your income comes upfront through the bookings is what makes Samba Sports Coaching opportunity so attractive.

And it doesn’t end here…

At Samba Sports Coaching, we are incredibly proud of our two special projects: Samba School Provision and Samba Smile Project, which we develop in strong collaboration with local schools and care homes. Those projects aim to promote a healthier lifestyle for our children and bring bridges between generations. They also can provide an extra revenue stream to our franchisees and, of course, a great sense of accomplishment.

Sports and leisure activities market has a bright future ahead with the increasing awareness for a healthier lifestyle and better physical activity, especially among the youngest members of the society. Samba Sports Coaching offers you an exclusive opportunity to step on that market as part of our growing franchise network. With our bespoke product and proven business model, you can rest assured we will provide you with all needed support for you to succeed. This is an opportunity to break from a dreary job and become your own boss, running fun and highly rewarding business. Furthermore, you can operate from your house and work part or full time. All we ask from you is to commit to the cause, work hard, follow all advised shared, so you can achieve the desired success and fulfilment.

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