Is this For Me ?

Some people wanted to happen, some people wish it would happen, others – make it happen. Micheal Jordan

Many people find the idea of having their own business appealing, not just for the financial reward but also for the opportunity to run their own show and be their own boss. However, it is not for everyone.

We created our business with passion and determination, and we work day by day to keep up with the high standards we set up. Much like our sports heroes, we strive for perfection, and we work hard to get there. Therefore, we are looking for like-minded individuals who share our strong motivation, work ethic and they are success-driven.

Samba Sports Coaching business model is accessible for people with all different working background. You don’t need to have an experience in sport or sport-related occupation, but having the athlete motivation and hunger for success is most certainly required. We are searching for the right people to join and develop our franchise network.

Check our top 10 characteristics we look for in our franchisees

Dynamic and active

Enthusiastic and passionate about their work

Friendly, sociable and enjoying the opportunity of meeting people

Success-driven and highly motivated

Not afraid of working hard

Well organised and ready to lead by example

Honourable and taking responsibility for their action

Attentive and caring for others

Willing to learn and improve

Flexible and adaptive to changes


Are you that person? Do you answer with “Yes” on at least 9 of these 10 characteristics? Then, this is terrific news! You probably have what it takes to join our franchise network and build your own successful business. However, if you can’t see yourselves in these points, then this is not the opportunity for you and you don’t need to read further.

It took me 17 years and 114 days to become an overnight sensation. Lionel Messi

Success does not come like a flash and takes efforts and determination. At Samba Sports Coaching, we believe that hard work and persistence are vital elements for great achievements. We have developed a business model that is highly successful and has high growth potential. Through our franchise network, we are looking to reach out to brave individuals who share our passion and dedication. Our bespoke programme of activities and exceptional music-sport collaboration has proved as a winning formula and established our business as a well-known brand in the area. Therefore, we can provide you with all the necessary training, know-how and give you the tools to achieve success and gain financial freedom. Still, you need to be ready to play your part too. This is not a business opportunity for people who give up easily! This is an opportunity for building and operating a fun and highly rewarding company for those who are ready to break a sweat and make every effort.


No specific experience needed

Our business is based on sports and fitness activities for children. Still, becoming our franchisee, you don’t need to have any experience or education in the field. Our team of experts will go beyond and above to provide you with the essential training, teach you all needed qualifications and set you up on the path of success. However, this is only 50% of the equation. The other half will come from you – your motivation, willing to learn, work ethic and determination. Only, if we put all together, we can achieve results that are satisfying for both sides.


Stay strong. Be brave. Go beyond. Christiano Ronaldo


 Do you wish to earn £2000 a month working part-time? Samba Sports Coaching’s business model can help you achieve this and much more within a year. But we need to be sure you are working on it together with us, and you’re committed to these three main principles:


Work hard and put efforts

As we said, we will provide you with everything you need to on how to start, operate and make your business profitable. However, if you just sit and wait for everything to work by magic, we have bad news – this is not the opportunity for you. Your efforts, willpower and a proactive attitude are absolutely essential for your success. Similarly, if you are someone who quickly gives up at the first obstacles, you should carefully consider this idea. Much like in sports, to become successful in business strong will is necessary.


Devote time and be patient

Commitment is another crucial point for success. Samba Sports Coaching business model can help you achieve an extra part-time income or significant full-time earnings. Still, regardless, of which opportunity you will take, you have to commit to the cause and devote your time into it. The beauty of our way of working is the flexible hours and the home-based management structure. You don’t need to follow tedious working schedules or losing precious time on committing, you are in full control of your working time and place. We will be by your side every step of the way and help you accomplish your goals and fulfil your dreams because we want you to succeed.


Have fun and be enthusiastic

Samba Sports Coaching is all about joy and happy faces. We are inspired by the lively, cheerful samba music and the joy of being active. We want our enthusiasm to spread through all levels of our organisation. You need to be a friendly, communicative and positive person with a great passion for your work. You will be working in a dynamic environment and meeting lots of people, so you need to enjoy it. Your smile and enthusiasm will drive your business forward. On the contrary, if you are struggling to get excited about what you do, then this business might not be for you.

At Samba Sports Coaching, we need to be sure we recruit the right partners for our franchise. Therefore, all potential candidates are submitted to a strict recruitment process that aims to determine whether we are suitable for each other.

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