About Us

Our mission: To provide fun inclusive learning, participation and fitness for pupils by combining music and sports in a comfortable and safe environment

About us

At Samba Sports Coaching, we believe that every child has to grow by playing and having fun. We understand that physical activity is essential for the children’s health and strive to provide a variety of programmes that will assist their physical development. We are confident that music and sports can bring not only joy but to be used as great educational instruments and help children to flourish. We aim to design sessions that build confidence, foster positive habits and promote values and qualities, such as integrity, empathy and compassion.

First steps

Samba Sports Coaching was founded in 2017 by a team of sports and PE professionals. They united their efforts in creating various sports activities for children and promoting fun learning and fitness. The lively, joyful Brazilian samba music became an inspiration for the team, and they’ve developed a bespoke activity programme combining both music and sports.

Shortly after its launching Samba Sports Coaching became a preferable destination for pupils and their families in free time activities and additional sports training. The company grew, and more initiatives were added.


Top provider of inclusive fun projects

The quality of the provided services and the excellent client’s feedback put Samba Sports Coaching among the leading UK’s company in the market only within 3 years period of time. Today, together with the day to day fun classes, Samba Sports Coaching provides unique Samba Birthday Parties, Holiday Camps and Health and Well-being programme.

But we don’t stop here. The opportunities are immense, and we already successfully developed and implemented School Programme explicitly designed by professionals to deliver the national curriculum at KS1 and KS2 with a fun, innovative and inclusive twist. By becoming a member of our franchise network, you can join us in promoting the programme in schools nationwide, thus receiving a fantastic business opportunity.

And that’s not all. We are the UK’s first sports company to connect schools and care homes! The launch of our Samba Foundation is one of our most prideful projects so far. We hope through the franchise network, we can expand and reach to many other facilities and continue building bridges between generations.


Looking towards a bright future

As you can see, the last three years, we grew with lightning speed and we have no intentions of slowing down. We are looking forward to expanding across the UK and creating an extended network of Samba Sports Coaching franchisees. With our exceptional activity programme and quickly growing clients base, we are dancing our way to the stardom. Our aim is to open Samba Sports Coaching in every big town and city in the next few years. However, there’s space for only one franchisee in each region, so you need to act fast. Contact us to learn more about this exciting opportunity to build a fun and highly rewarding business.

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